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WELCOME to our passionate team

Our passion to serve Small business in the most effective way is your reason to work with Teamsolution! We provide strategic accounting services for a wide range of businesses with a diverse need for operational accounting and management reporting. Flexibility in delivery of service is critical to Small Business and our team offers professional services in the most flexible manner suited to the business and the business owner in today's increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Teamsolution offers a broad spectrum of accounting services to businesses. We protect our client's personal and professional interests through our day to day transactional services to enhance their accounting systems and procedures. We add value by our creative input, by offering exceptional security of information and internal control to improve operational efficiency.

Our team members are skilled on a variety of accounting software making it smooth and easy for small business to take advantage of our skilled services. We work with each of our small business client to develop the most suitable method for the delivery of our service.

How we can serve you

We focus on your business needs for book keeping services with a view to providing flexibility in both hours and costs. Our mission is to provide

  • financial information that is most needed for your business on a daily basis

  • deliver critical information in the manner that is most suited to you as owner

  • maintain the quality of service that makes a difference to your business

  • guarantee through our timely service that you can make the right decisions

Our model of providing book keeping services as an external team was developed in 2004. Since then Teamsolution has delivered professional services to a broad spectrum of businesses such as legal firms, computer industry professionals, communication industry professionals, retail, recruitment technical and other niche market small businesses. Our structure for delivery of book keeping service is a unique model as we are a team of skilled staff assisting small business in all their day to day operational routines, customised to suit your specific needs! Our industry exposure and varied accounting skills can assist you with any software that you may currently use and set up systems and procedures that ideally cater for your needs as a small business owner. By working either as a direct service or work as part of your team along with your staff, we can up skill your internal team to achieve optimum results!